UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) / UAS (unmanned aircraft system)

In the class of low and fast flying aircrafts with a long range, an UAV system is being developed. This will have, as a basic equipment, a broadband datalink system without the necessity of relay stations.

The properties of our 263 m³ V12 engines, especially the relation between the front of the aircraft and its power, facilitate devices of the class "LowFastLongEndurance“. Internal designation of project: "Fast UAV"

Apart from the topics of "optimized airframe" (wings) and "integration of the engines", we are dealing with the topics which turn an UAV into an UAS.

Fast UAV / UAS

The focal topics concerning the transition from an UAV into an UAS are, from the point of view of PACE, not only flight control and attitude control, but also a basic broadband link for video data.