In the field of product development for electric mobility, we have broad and in-depth experience in developing, testing and homologation.

What we offer

  • Development of electromechanic assembling
  • Constructive concept studies, construction of prototypes (inclusive of calculations)
  • Prototype planning and fabrication
  • Consulting concerning development procedure
  • Test planning
  • Test specifications
  • Test-item planning and fabrication
  • Preparation of concepts of measuring technique
  • Planning of testing device (construction and calculation, if necessary), fabrication, putting into operation
  • Special planning of testing device (construction and calculation); production, putting into operation

Make use of our know-how!

  • High-frequency pressure measurements (index measuring technique)
  • Preparation of slow-motion video recording up to 750 fps
  • High-frequency current and voltage measurements in subsystems and systems
  • On-site test supervision at test houses
  • Elaboration of inspection outcomes of test items (disassembling)
  • Recommendations for test evaluation
  • Recommendations concerning further developing procedure
  • Planning and implementation of further measuring tasks, as required