The dream of flying …

inspires us to develop motors for the best model aircrafts in the world.


Higher, faster, farther …

PACE engines combine the utmost technical know-how,
excellent quality management, and creative and flexible implementation.


Professional Aircraft Engines

Excellent quality management, highest technical know-how, combined with creative, spontaneous implementation. Such are PACE engines.

Our strongest advantages in competition are our compact structure and flexibility. Whilst other companies are still elaborating their offer, we have already developed and produced ourselves the desired construction by our plant's own machines.


In the field of product development for electric mobility, we have broad and in-depth experience in developing, testing and homologation.


Measuring technique

Under certain boundary conditions, the transmission of the measurement signals from moving components to the (stationary) environment is not a simple task. For this task, we at PACE have developed broadband subminiature telemetry, which we offer for sale.


Product development

Within the chain of product design, we have long-standing experience in all elements, and up to the present, we have been active in the fields of conveyor technique, development of piston aircraft engines, development of light helicopters, automotive interior, chassis technology, electric mobility (battery systems), steel construction, paper machines, production of plastic granulate, special machine construction, and decentralized power generation.


Engines of model aircrafts

Our engines of model aircrafts for large-scale models functionally and strikingly turn the features of the historical V12 aircraft engines into high-end models.


UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) / UAS (unmanned aircraft system)

In the class of low and fast flying aircrafts with a long range, an UAV system is being developed. This will have, as a basic equipment, a broadband datalink system without the necessity of relay stations.


General aviation

We produce components and accessories for experimental aircrafts and amateur-built aircrafts.